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Here are Gibraltar's and Karloff's profiles and post logs. Prior to them, I played Samhain, who was really uber goth, and Hearse, my first character who was really weird. If you hear people calling me Hearse instead of Annee, that's why. But if you were never around for Hearse, don't call me Hearse... it feels like I have an extra personality lurking around that I'm completely unaware of. So yeah, call me Annee. Or Gib if that's too informal. Bio? I grew up in Ohio and I'm getting out of here as soon as I can. I'm a cat person (read: not a dog person, not a people person). Sometimes I describe normal, everyday occurrences in mathematical jargon; I try to keep it to myself, but if I don't, and you aren't Zero, whap me. So I like math. And I like web design and making graphics. I'm a carnivore. Don't come between me and a nice coat or pair of boots because you'll get trampled.

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